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So what is the TeeShop idea anyway and where did it come from?

The TeeShop is the brainchild of the people who brought you the iconic and multi award winning, purveyors of all things t-shirt related. Over the years we’ve concentrated on bringing you hilarious Irish-isms, nostalgia and pop culture by way of graphic t-shirts and various apparel. Over the years we’ve always done what we wanted to do, in other words, we don’t custom print for people.┬áBut that all changed late in 2016 when a friend contacted us to get a dozen t-shirts printed with his new start up company logo. ‘Sorry, not what we do’ was our response and when he advised he’d tried a gazillion printers up and down the country but they’d all replied┬áthat it wasn’t worth their while to print a dozen shirts we knew we were missing a trick.

Short runs for SMEs

You see, we understand why printers don’t want to do short runs (small quantities), it’s because it takes too much effort and cost to prepare artwork, set up screens etc just for a handful of shirts. So they’re not interested. But that’s where we come in, printing small runs is no bother for us, the technology we use for printing t-shirts means we don’t have a big set up to do, we’re not messing around with screens and buckets of ink. We use the latest technology both digital and direct to garment which means we can do small runs relatively easily.
So why don’t we set up a sister business to to do just that, short t-shirt runs for new start ups, small business and promotional events. And guess what, we did. In January 2017, The TeeShop by HairyBaby was born.

Your one stop shop for small quantities of branded t-shirts perfect for the start up, SME and emerging business sector.

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